Adventist Education

A Journey to Excellence
Indiana Academy
May. 20, 2020
Resumes Due:
Jun. 30, 2020

Description: Indiana Academy is looking for a dedicated individual interested in ministering as Head Boys’ Dean beginning with the 2020-2021 school year. The applicant should recognize the critical responsibility associated with being a spiritual, social, and educational mentor for all of the students on campus, not just the boys in the dorm. This position will require an ability to teach at least one class based on NAD content area endorsements. This full-time, 10-month position will require good management skills, organization, follow-through, and supervisory abilities. Indiana Academy is a school focused on empowering students to become servant-leaders and is seeking staff and teachers passionate for working towards this goal with project-based service learning. We are looking for an individual who is passionate about what God can accomplish in the setting of a multicultural Seventh-day Adventist boarding academy. The position is supported by a full-time Assistant Dean.

Experience: Candidates should support and model a Seventh-day Adventist lifestyle, including good standing within the Seventh-day Adventist church. They should possess solid and friendly communication skills suitable for interacting with both students and parents. Will have demonstrated an ability to manage a dorm and/or classroom with loving confidence and redemptive discipline while upholding school policies. Bilingual abilities (especially Spanish) and a willingness to obtain a CDL are preferable. Candidates should have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in an education-related field (or equivalency), NAD secondary teaching endorsement, and experience with dorm programs or related fields working with teens. Please include with your résumé a cover letter and at least four references to attest to your spiritual, professional, and personal dispositions. This position may be filled prior to the resume due date.