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Walla Walla University
Jul. 8, 2020
Resumes Due:
Oct. 1, 2020

Description: Provide steam for campus heating systems and cooking. Maintain domestic water systems to federal and state standards. Install, maintain and repair all systems needed to provide these services. Provide over-site for all systems housed within the Power Plant building. For more details and to complete WWU's on-line employment application, please visit: Please Note: WWU doesn't have a resume due date for applying, once the position is filled, the job posting will be removed from WWU's website. The resume due date on the NAD website is a place holder.

Experience: • Education: Equivalent combination of education and experience in Mechanical systems/distribution. Preferred Years of college course work in Mechanical Engineering. • Licenses/Certifications: Minimum: Driver’s License. Preferred: Welding Certification, Water System Certification and Boiler System Certification. • Experience/Skills o Years of experience: 3-5 years, 5-10 years preferred. o Minimum: Proficiency with Microsoft Office, able to be proficient with building automation systems and other related software, welding knowledge and skill. Preferred: Knowledge of programmable logic controls, and electronic controls used in a boiler plant.