Adventist Education

A Journey to Excellence
Mile High Adventist Academy
Sep. 17, 2020
Resumes Due:
Oct. 31, 2020

Description: Mile High Academy, is currently accepting applications for the position of principal. Mile High Academy is located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and is a pre-k thru 12 grade educational institution. MHA is located in a new and beautiful building and is on a very attractive campus in the South Denver metro area. The very professional staff are dedicated and consecrated leaders for our children and young people. They care deeply about the whole child and strive to assist each child attain his or her ultimate potential. The academic levels attained by the students are very high and the school is technologically advanced. The school is creative and innovative in their approach to delivering information. The local constituency church pastors are wonderfully supportive and very active on campus on a regular basis. The school is open during this pandemic with clear guidelines and expectations and distance learning is provided for those individual cases where it is needed. MHA is typically very active musically and athletically and seeks to provide a superb all-round experience for each child. If you would like to assist by helping to lead this diverse and caring school family please call the Rocky Mountain Conference for more information.

Experience: Affirmation, vision-casting, organization, creativity and the ability to team build are attributes that we are looking for in our principal. A proven, positive track record of school leadership would be a affirmative attribute. A Masters degree in education and/or leadership is preferred and would be beneficial in this position. Being a committed and dedicated Seventh-day Adventist is a requirement to be considered for this opening. Active membership and involvement in the local constituent churches is also mandatory. If you have a passion for Adventist Education and desire to be part of a growing and dedicated team with the all-encompassing goal of preparation for this life and especially for the eternal salvation of children and families- we would like to talk with you.