Adventist Education

A Journey to Excellence
World Division PK-12
Nov. 20, 2020
Resumes Due:
Mar. 31, 2021

Description: Curriculum Duties • To participate with PAA, School Principal, Department Head, and Grade Level Leader in curriculum matters both in vertical and horizontal alignment and implementation. • To update in a timely manner the mapping on Rubicon Atlas with the lesson plan that must be turned in on Friday, the last working day of the week before the lesson plan is implemented the following week. • To prepare and turn in hard copies of course outline(s) for all subjects to the School Principal by August 1, and to the students on the first day of school. • To turn in to the School Principal a folder containing five-day activities for emergency lesson plan. • To include in the lesson plan the ESLO, the enduring questions, the objectives (benchmarks), learning strategies, engaging activities, integration of Faith and Learning, and type of assessment to be used. • To compile portfolios of students work along with directions and grading rubrics, quizzes, test papers and projects. • To mark a summary at the end of the school year, all the skills the students have learned in each course/ subject or grade level indicating the skills that have been mastered, need to be mastered or need re-teaching. Classroom Instruction and Learning Duties • To facilitate active student participation and positive learning environment like Standards-based classroom and interactive learning activities. • To keep students actively engaged in class at all times. • To apply a variety of 21st century teaching and learning strategies that work: project-based learning, research-based learning, problem solving, differentiated instruction, ESL strategies for understanding text and those learned during professional development (Teaching by lecturing throughout the whole class period is not of them). Assessment and Reporting Duties • To practice a balanced assessment at all time: multiple-choice and essay questions or one complete sentence answer for the primary level. • To design a scoring rubric for project, research, oral presentation, and any type of summative assessment that is not limited to one class period using pen and paper. • To avoid using any formative assessment: quizzes, tests, reflection, summary as contributors to grades. • To maintain accurate record of grades and scores for students’ work, test, quizzes, exams, and projects that are summative. • To turn in students’ grades promptly to the registrar at the end of each grading period. • To communicate with parents regularly on the progress of their children on a weekly basis or at least once every two weeks Management and Supervision Duties • To take attendance and closely supervise homeroom students at flag lineup. • To take attendance in all classes, chapel and fieldtrips. • To manage the classroom appropriately and discipline students when necessary. • To liaise with School Principal on disciplinary issues; only those which may be life-threatening or require severe disciplinary measure such as suspension or dismissal need the attention of the PSA. • To supervise students both in the classroom, in chapel, in campus, during fieldtrips, and other school-related events. • To do morning supervision when assigned. • To maintain a safe, clean, and orderly classroom environment. Other Duties • As assigned by the Principal and the administration.

Experience: Bachelors Degree in Education Native English Speakers from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK Teaching experience is an advantage