Adventist Education

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Early Childhood
Perrine Seventh-day Adventist School
Mar. 9, 2021
Resumes Due:
Apr. 30, 2021

Description: Full-Time Teaching ECE Director. Perrine SDA Preschool, located on the campus of the Perrine SDA School and Church in Palmetto Bay, Miami FL, is seeking a full-time Early Childhood Center Teaching Director. The center is licensed for 19 students ages 3-4 years. Responsibilities include the overall operation of the center which involves compliance with conference and state regulations, provide an accommodating public relationship with parents and the community, teaching, budgeting, financial control and staff supervision. The director will work collaboratively with the staff to provide a loving, caring, Christ-centered environment and a creative/engaging curriculum.

Experience: The Preschool Director must be a Seventh Day Adventist in good and regular standing, have a Associates degree or higher, in Early Childhood Education, and a Florida Department of Education Early Childhood Education certification including at least 10 weeks field experience. Applicants must be eligible to work in the United States . Please submit your resume with at least three references, a cover letter and your philosophy of teaching.