Adventist Education

A Journey to Excellence
Brooklyn Seventh-day Adventist School
Oct. 5, 2021
Resumes Due:
Oct. 29, 2021

Description: The Brooklyn Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School currently has an opening for a grades 3 and 4 teacher. Our ideal candidate is a competent teacher who is passionate about educating young people and preparing them for life on earth and eternity, and is able to foster relationships with students and families to ensure success academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. Interested applicants, please send resume and cover letter to Linden Hislop, school principal at LHISLOP@BKLYNSDAGNYC.ORG AND Marlene Romeo, superintendent of schools at

Experience: -Member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church -Demonstrate excellent pedagogical practices -Proficient technological skills -Bachelor’s degree is required -Must show proof of ability to work in United States legally