Adventist Education

A Journey to Excellence
Brooklyn Seventh-day Adventist School
May. 12, 2022
Resumes Due:
May. 31, 2022

Description: Brooklyn Seventh-day Adventist school is seeking a Middle School educator who has a genuine love and interest in and for working with Grades 5 - 8 school aged children as they develop character, spirituality, and skills that will last them a lifetime. In addition to academic qualifications, requisite skill-sets for this position include professional as well as spiritual integrity and classroom management skills. There must also be demonstrable understanding of the Seventh-day Adventist Church principles and classroom teaching experience. The Greater New York Conference K-12 system of education has the unique privilege of operating in the Greater New York area, in the heart of one of the most diverse locations in the world. If you see yourself passionate about bringing young people to Jesus in New York City and its surrounding areas, we would like to hear from you.

Experience: Minimum qualifications include a Bachelors Degree, legal work status in the United States, and the ability to pass a background check. Preferred qualifications include a Masters degree, strength in Math and Science, Denominational certification, strong classroom management skills, and at least 3 years teaching experience.