Adventist Education

A Journey to Excellence
Conference Position
Carolina Conference, Inc.
Nov. 7, 2022
Resumes Due:
Dec. 1, 2022

Description: This individual will work closely with the 65+ K-12 teachers in the Carolina Conference. Teacher and school evaluations are ongoing duties along with program and event (meeting) planning. Must be a "Team Player" and work in close contact with the Superintendent and Office Secretary. A complete listing of responsibilities and Job Description are available upon request.

Experience: Master's Degree or equivalent in education related field preferred. Experience or skills in the following is beneficial: school administration, knowledge of curriculum, multi-grade classroom teaching, program/meeting planning, classroom/teaching evaluations, promoting Adventist Education, work with School Information Software (SIS), familiarity with Standards-Based Learning techniques, willingness to travel to schools throughout the Carolina's.