Adventist Education

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Southern Adventist University
Jan. 20, 2023
Resumes Due:
Jun. 1, 2023

Description: The Faculty member will be responsible to teach classes in both undergraduate and graduate education. In addition, the successful applicant will participate in academic advisement of education majors, and the responsibilities of the department including CAEP, NAD, and state accreditation processes. For more detailed information go to

Experience: Hold an earned doctoral degree in education. Have 3+ years experience teaching (preferably recent) in a K-12 setting within the United States and come highly recommended as a K-12 educator. Be capable of teaching a variety of undergraduate and graduate education courses. Possess strong organizational skills. Possess knowledge of program. Be a team player with written and verbal communication skills. Possess a high degree of technological proficiency, capable of using Google Suite, databases, and university platforms used to track student recruitment and progress.