Adventist Education

A Journey to Excellence
World Division PK-12
Jan. 31, 2023
Resumes Due:
Apr. 30, 2023

Description: • Develop students’ academic and interpersonal skills through the Science course of study. The classes to be taught are Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Advanced Placement related Science classes. • Document teaching and student progress/activities/outcomes. • Provide a safe and optimal learning environment be it in classroom or in the laboratory. • Provide feedback to students, parents and administration regarding student progress, expectations and goals. • Collaborate with other members of the Science team to plan integrated units and advisory activities, discuss students’ academic progress, plan and moderate assessments, and work together to promote the educational needs the students. • Nurture students in excellence, service and integrity, besides addressing the welfare, discipline and educational needs of each student as an advisor. • Maintain a productive classroom while nurturing an encouraging, supportive relationship with students. • Create a learning environment that is motivating, inspiring and age-appropriate, setting clear expectations for class work and homework while maintaining instructional resources that support the classroom learning. • Build trust and rapport with students, and collegially collaborate in providing pastoral care. • Understand students’ diverse needs and seek to actively know students’ strengths and weaknesses to cater to their differing learning needs. • Establish regular links with the parent community to ensure that parents are kept well informed about student progress.

Experience: • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or higher in science with a teaching certificate. • Qualified teaching status. • First-aid qualification. • Minimum 3 years of teaching experience in the middle and high school. • Excellent classroom management skills. • Passion for education and science, strong commitment to investigate practical work and ability to allow students to enjoy science safely. • A solid understanding of secondary school program organization, programs and students. • A proven ability to differentiate instruction and integrate learning.