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Conference Position
Oregon Conference of SDA
Feb. 22, 2023
Resumes Due:
Mar. 31, 2023

Description: The Oregon Conference Office of Education is seeking a collaborative team member to join their department in serving their 32 Schools. Growing by 20% consecutively during each of the last two years, our Educational System is known for being a progressive and innovative team that supports our leaders and teachers, while basing every decision on what is best for the student. We believe in growing schools that are broad-minded and open-hearted so that all students will know that they are a special child of God. We desire our schools to be community centers of hope and restoration for families in addition to being spaces where students can excel and grow as individuals. We are looking for a dynamic and innovative Associate Superintendent who would mentor and oversee 10 of our schools as well as take specific roles and projects depending on the interests and strengths of the individual candidate. This may include school law, education code, health code, and conference-wide events that provide collaboration and opportunities for students.

Experience: Passion for ministry and people Passion for excellence in education Great communicator and collaborator Committed to Growth Has served as a teacher Has served as a principal Leadership/Administration Degree or Certificate Masters Degree Current SDA Certification Preference Given To: Experience with Standards-based Learning Experience with Project-based Learning Experience with STEM Experience with Design Thinking Process to Apply: Submit Resume, Educational Philosophy, and Letter of Interest to