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Walla Walla University
Apr. 21, 2023
Resumes Due:
Jun. 30, 2023

Description: Walla Walla University’s School of Nursing seeks applications for a full-time clinical instructor for beginning nursing students on the College Place, Washington campus. This position includes skill and simulation lab instruction and clinical instruction at local health care agencies. The teaching responsibilities typically include: • Fall quarter – Clinical Instruction in Fundamentals of Nursing: clinicals in skills lab on campus • Winter quarter – Clinical Instruction in Health Assessment and the Nursing Process: clinicals in long-term care facilities • Spring quarter – Clinical Instruction in Pharmacology in Nursing In addition to teaching responsibilities the following may be required: • Be available starting in August 2023 for simulation training and lab inventory and setup • Assist and network with clinical sites for student placements and scheduling • Work collaboratively in faculty groups for curriculum revision • Participate in recruiting activities The primary focus of the sophomore level courses is to learn basic skills and begin to apply them to direct patient care. Prior to practicing skills in any agency, students must demonstrate safety and proficiency of key skills in the skills lab. This faculty member will work under the supervision of the clinical site director to demonstrate beginning skills, test student proficiency and evaluate student performance in the skills lab and clinical settings.

Experience: Required: • Bachelor of Science in Nursing minimum • Preferred: Master’s Degree in Nursing or enrolled in an MSN program • At least 3 years of full-time nursing experience • RN licensure in Washington. • Good communication skills • Able to work with all types of learners individually and in small groups • Well organized with an air of confidence • Adaptability to the changing health care system • Able to work withal types of learners Please visit for more details and to complete WWU's on-line faculty employment application which should include a cover letter, CV, and statement of teaching philosophy. Please Note: WWU doesn't have a resume due date for applying, interviews are ongoing and once the position is filled, the job posting will be removed from WWU's website. The resume due date on the NAD website is a place holder.